Shop Pics

2ndBench               Rack
                                         2nd Bench                                                                                                                      Metal Rack

                             Mill                                        HFtoolchest
                                              Grizzly Mini Mill                                                                                                HF tool chest

KMG Small Wheel Attachment     1x30 Sucker version 2

                     Beaumont Metal Works KMG Small Wheel attachment                                                     Shop Vac suction system on 1x30 belt grinder             

KMG   SRsheaths
                                 Beaumont Metal Works  KMG 2x72" belt grinder

Knife Vise      Bevel Jig
                         Home made rotating knife vise                                                                                                                                     Bevel grinding jig

tongs        rrspikes
                         blacksmithing tongs                                                                              rail road spikes for tomahawk project

tomahawk forging                     broken vise
                       Forging first tomahawk head                                                                                          And they are rough on equipment

First Tomahawk head
First RR spikeTomahawk head

epoxy                 sheath backs
         4 knives prepped, scales rough fitted, pins made and everything epoxied and clamped up.                                                             Different kydex sheath belt loop styles.

anvil                                                  forge
          55 lbs anvil with 2x4/plywood base.                                                                                                       Home made Dragon's Breath forge.

1095 failure                       DI scales
                    1095 failure, got a little too hot during heat treating.                                                                                          Desert Ironwood scales, my favorite knife handle material.

organizer rack
                  Organizer tray rack I built for knife blanks and parts.